Save the Planet AND lower your power bill every month!!



Aside from saving your company thousands of dollars per year in energy usage savings,
below is a long list of other advantages that come with switching to LED lights:


  • Lifespan – LEDs can last up to 30 times as long as incandescent bulbs, and up to 10 times as long as fluorescents.
  • Durability – LEDs have a solid, tough form that makes them uniquely resistant to breakage.
  • Low Temperatures – there is little or no heat from LED bulbs – only 3.4 Btu of heat per hour whereas incandescent bulbs produce 85 Btu. = lower AC costs!
  • High efficiency – LEDs use roughly 50 percent less energy than CFLs of similar brightness, and 1/ 6 the energy of incandescents, halogens and HDD lights.
  • Dimmable – most LEDs that can be used with dimmer switches.
  • Mercury-free – No shattering – Safe for both people AND the environment!
  • Variety – LEDs are now available in the following commercial forms:
    • Flood & Lamp Post – for outdoor building perimeter, entrance area, parking lot and walkway lighting
    • Halogen / HDD – building fixture and spot lighting / both indoor and outdoor
    • Tube lights and LED Panels – replaces fluorescent tube lights in office environments
    • High Bay = perfect for warehouse or factory lighting

LED Tubes

Replace your fluorescent bulb with LED bulbs and use 60% less power!

LED Halogen

Replace your halogen with comparable LED spotlights and use 80% less power!

LED Outdoor

Change your outside building or parking lot lighting with our LED bulbs and use 80% less power PLUS have better lighting!

LED Warehouse

Convert your overhead HDD warehouse lighting to LED bulbs and use 60 - 85% less power!

Converting to LED Lighting
Understanding the wide variety of benefits and uses for LED lighting




See your savings with our LED Savings Calculator
Learn how much money your business will save both in energy use and bulb costs by using our fully customisable Energy Savings Calculator.