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5 More Smart Home Trends This Year

5 MORE Smart Home Trends This Year

By Meredith Hirt , Samantha Allen Contributor , Editor

 New technologies for homes have really taken off as devices are being introduced for every room in the house. These 5 more of the biggest smart home tech trends happening right now to add to our previous post of the first 5 biggest smart home trends of 2023.


A health-related trend that was also stimulated further during the pandemic, because of the closing of gyms and fitness studios and the increase in time spent at home, tech-based at-home exercise is continuing to grow in 2021. Smart workout tech like the Mirror (which was acquired by Lululemon in June 2020), Samsung’s Smart Trainer and the Ultra-human app built to connect to a user’s Apple Watch, have all found increased interest.

7. HOME office

With the widespread pivot to working from home, smart home innovations, specifically for home offices, garnered attention last year and continue to evolve as companies extend office closures and even switch to hybrid or permanent work from home policies. Tech from noise-canceling windows to drown out the neighbor mowing their lawn to AI filters to hide the messy living room when you jump on a video call with your boss are just the beginning of the potential for growth in this space.



One of the premises for smart homes of the future is high-speed internet connection via mesh Wi-Fi. Slow connections and dead zones that occur when you walk away from your router will be a problem of the past when mesh Wi-Fi connects your main router straight to the well. The whole house will have high-speed connection for the rest of the smart home devices you install.


To ensure the safety of all of the smart home tech inside, smart home security systems are being developed to protect the outside. These devices will get more interconnected, allowing you to check on your home from anywhere and access the controls from afar (like opening the door for a delivery person or turning lights on if you see a suspicious person on the sidewalk).


Smart home tech has faced issues with data breaches and security hacks. To remain relevant to savvy consumers today, companies are advancing features to ensure users of these devices that their info and their private lives inside their homes are safe.

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